Drug Diversion Surveillance

Detect theft and misuse of controlled substances in your organization.

Better protect your patients and workforce with Clinical Drug Diversion Surveillance, auditing 100% of pharmaceutical transactions within your organization and accurately detecting diversion incidents.

The right tool for:

  • Director of Pharmacy
  • Chief Pharmacy Officer
  • CS Diversion Specialists
  • Pharmacy Operations Managers
Did you know?

In 2018, 47.2M doses were lost due to healthcare employee theft and misuse.

Artificial intelligence.
Real insight.

Account for every dose
Account for every dose

“Close the loop” for every user and patient within your organization. Immediately see when user behaviors deviate from the policies you establish and the clinical norm.

Detect diversion incidents quickly
Detect diversion incidents quickly

See anomalies earlier, giving you the ability to intervene and reduce preventable harms to patients and hospital workforces.

Automate manual steps
Automate manual steps

Gather and analyze data from multiple sources in one comprehensive dashboard. Focus on actual threats and see the context around each violation to resolve cases in minutes. Collaborate, assign, investigate, and report on cases in one secure system.

Prioritize true threats
Prioritize true threats

Separate signal from noise, allowing you to focus on true policy violations and diversion incidents instead of relying on time-consuming and low-yield monthly reporting.

Subject matter expertise
Subject matter expertise

We lead by example, constantly looking for ways to innovate and educate the industry on how AI can reduce risk across healthcare compliance.

Our customers are seeing real results with healthcare compliance analytics:

What I love about this solution is that it uses proven technology to solve a known issue that plagues our healthcare system.

Bryan Sivak

Former CTO, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Protenus’ Professional Services allows us to efficiently resolve cases in a timely manner, hand-in-hand with a trusted Protenus privacy professional.

AMC in the Midwest

Within our old system, it would take two full-time employees (FTE) to conduct the detection and communication work. With Protenus we are only utilizing 0.5 FTE.

Brandon Neiswender

VP and COO, CRISP (Maryland HIE)

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